# Upgrade from 4.x to 4.2

The patch includes a subset of files changed from version 4.x to 4.2. Download the patch - Download the patch http://www.ihsn.org/download/nada42.1-patch-APR-24-2014.zip (opens new window)

To apply the patch, follow the steps:

  1. Make a backup of your existing NADA folders. If complete backup is not possible, at least back the Application and Themes folder

  2. Unzip the files in the NADA root folder to replace existing files

  3. Set write permissions on the language folder located at /application/language. This is needed for the upgrade script to update language files with new translations.

  4. Run the upgrade script from http://[nada-url]/index.php/nada42_upgrade/run


The patch does not overwrite the settings for database, config and template configurations.